Hospitals must always provide their patients with the best and most reliable services that they can. Some of these services include a hygienic and clean environment, proper medication, well trained and experienced doctors as well as excellent equipment. The hospital beds are among the most important pieces of equipment that every hospital must invest in for the sake of operations. Hospital beds provide patients with comfort during their treatment sessions. However, hospitals must be very clean when they are selecting the types of beds they are investing in to ensure that the beds cater to the needs and requirements of every patient they are handling.  For this reason, in case you are handling bariatric patients, you need to use a bariatric medical bed rather than a standard bed.  This is because a standard bed can only accommodate patients with average weight, while obese or bariatric patients may have more weight, yet they need to move smoothly and stay in a bed that is comfortable for them.


Reasons why hospitals use bariatric medical beds for obese patients

You might notice that the type of medical beds that obese patients are using is quite different from the standard beds. This is because the bariatric medical beds:

  • Have a higher load capacity

When you compare a bariatric medical bed to a standard bed, you will find out that a bariatric bed offers extra load capacity. The beds also have some structure designs that provide them with the ability to withstand high loads even from their bariatric patients. The beds, therefore, offer high support and can also hold the weights of a number of people at once. Also, the bariatric medical beds have a higher load capacity ensuring that the bariatric patients lie down comfortably for long hours without worrying that the bed can break down.

  • Are wider

Most hospital beds, especially the standard ones, are very narrow, and therefore, bariatric patients cannot fit comfortably in these beds. Also, it can be difficult for the patients to turn on the standard beds and in some situations, they may even fall off. This is because of the minimal width provided by the beds while the bariatric patients need wider beds they can turn on comfortably without falling and can fit comfortably despite their size. Bariatric medical beds, on the other hand, are very wide and therefore are suitable for bariatric patients.

  • Can manoeuvre with ease

When patients are in a hospital, they are always moved from one bed to another every now and then. Also, the patients require moving on and off their beds without help, especially when no one is around. The movements might be complicated when the patients are using standard beds since they do not have extra features such as the movable sidebars that help patients and the medical staff move from one place to another more easily.

  • Offer more comfort

One of the important features to look for in hospital beds is their comfort. The bed should always provide comfort to the patient at all times. This is because her coat is very important in the recovery process of the patients. Bariatric medical beds are best for quick and better recovery for bariatric patients since they come with comfortable and complemented mattresses to support them despite their weight. The mattresses also have varying pressures so that they can control the patients’ bodies in different postures. Therefore the beds offer comfort to the patients during their recovery process.

  • Have lower heights

The height of the hospital beds determines how easy it is for the patient to climb on and off the bed.  Bariatric medical beds have a lower height which makes it easy for bariatric patients to climb on and off their beds without any support.  Also, the heights can be adjusted depending on the needs of the patients, which are an additional feature that cannot be provided by that which cannot be provided by standard beds.


Must hospitals invest in bariatric medical beds?

Most hospitals do not know whether investing in bariatric medical beds that are made in Australia is important for them or not. Although not all hospitals require bariatric medical beds, these types of medical beds are necessary depending on the type of patients they handle.  However, as long as you always treat bariatric patients, then a bariatric medical bed is among the most important hospital equipment you must invest in.




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