Whey protein is the number one protein which can help build lean mass. However, most people assume that it’s a much superior protein than any plant based protein powder. When used properly and in conjunction with the right diet and exercise, vegan powders work just as well. Take for example rice protein which has all the essential amino acids. Though it doesn’t have as many proteins as whey powder but when taken in right quantities can deliver just as well as whey protein.

Recent studies have been carried out to show the difference between building muscle mass when two groups of individuals took whey and rice proteins respectively. After eight weeks it was observed that both groups gained the same amount of muscle mass. Thereby it obvious that plant based proteins are by no means any less than animal based proteins.

It is important to consume proteins throughout the day. Protein powders are no longer used by athletes only. In fact individuals who want to fulfil their nutritional needs can benefit from plant based protein powders as well. When taken in the morning, proteins can help improve the cardiac rhythm and also help lower cholesterol.

The major reason why most people prefer using plant proteins could either be due to the fact that they are lactose intolerant or could be sensitive to ingredients in dairy protein powders.

Keep in mind that when choosing vegan protein powders, you need to make sure they are completely organic. Watch out for ingredients which could cause problems with the digestive tract. Good vegan powders might be slightly expensive than the usual variety but they are worth it. Not only do these work for people with gluten or lactose allergies but is one way to improve the intake of proteins in vegetarians as well.


Avoid protein powders which might consist of the following ingredients

  • Sweeteners are often added to low quality vegan protein powders to improve its taste
  • Similarly artificial colours and flavours are added as well to disguise the after taste and make it more palatable
  • It might contain non organic ingredients. These are usually sprayed with pesticides and could be potentially harmful to the system.

The right protein powders are infused with added vitamins and ingredients which can help fortify its potency. However despite the good quality of a protein powder there are still some ingredients which could cause havoc with the digestive system. It’s better t know ay substances to which you could be allergic and avoid plant protein powders which might consist of any of those ingredients. The key to choosing the best protein powders is to be aware of what works and doesn’t work for you.

When choosing pant abed protein powders don’t just rely on powders which are made up of just one plant source. Taking pea powder alone or hemp protein only might not be sufficient. The best thing you could do is use these powders in a blended form or rather purchase a protein powder which is a blend of different plant proteins to get the maximum benefits.

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