What You Would Learn At a First Aid Course in Melbourne

While you may know the importance of learning a first aid course, do you have some basic idea of what you might learn from it? If you are planning to go for a first aid course in Melbourne, you would learn all of the following.

It allows you to learn heroic stuff like saving lives in a critical situation. While not all emergencies are life threatening, first aid course teaches you a great deal more than just being a life saver. It teaches you kindness, empathy and compassion and a great many other things. Read on to see what you would learn from a first aid course.

Responding in a timely manner to any sort of emergency

Learning to respond to an emergency is crucial. Keeping your cool when everyone else is in a critical situation can help ward off many problems. Sometimes saving a person is not only enough but providing timely intervention to lessen their medical problems is just as important. Sometimes all you have is a few seconds until someone has their heart stop beating or the oxygen being supplied to their brain.

You would learn to time the emergency, be on the lookout for alarming situations and also being able to safe guard yourself so that you can help others if and when the need arises.

The check, call and care strategy, also known as the three C’s is the basic of all first aid care.

Learn to give CPR

While most of us have seen CPR being administered on television, but not any of us know the proper method of doing so. At a first aid camp, you would learn to administer CPR properly. How many compression should be given during each interval? How deep the compressions should be and so on. For someone who is undergoing a cardiac arrest, there is a different method of administering CPR. Having the correct knowledge is crucial if you actually want to help people.

Caring for wounds

Caring for intense burns or being able to pull a deeply embedded nail is also part of a first aid course. Wounds either big or small need to be treated in the proper manner. The technique to bandage the wounds and care for burns is something which you would learn from a first aid course.

Handling choking emergencies

It doesn’t matter how old someone is, whether a few months old, teens or even the elderly, anyone can choke. Food gets lodged into the throat and can cause just about anyone to choke on it. In the first aid course you would learn how to handle any such emergency be it for an adult or a child. The assistance necessary to allow them to breathe easier and so on. You would also learn to recognize other sort of breathing emergencies.

What do if someone gets poisoned?

Poisons can be deadly. Having an antidote for all poisons is not possible but at a first aid you would learn to know the antidotes for a few common kind of poisons.



If you are not familiar with any first aid steps, check out emergency.com.au for their number so that you can get in touch with them during emergencies.


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