Emergency Chairs

Emergency chairs are useful during the rescue and evacuation of victims and helpless individuals by riding them downstairs safely to the safety areas during fire outbreaks, earthquakes, emergency medical responses and of course, terrorist attacks. These chairs are designed uniquely for evacuation purposes for victims on a multi-story building for those who cannot walk due to panic attacks, heart attacks, disabled and the injured.

Another primary use of emergency chairs is to ride building occupants down the stairs or up the stairs when there is a gas leak, chemical explosion, mechanical explosion or any other emergency in tall buildings or during extended power outages that impairs the elevators for many hours or days or even weeks. An emergency chair keeps emergencies from becoming tragedies. Emergency chairs are designed to be lightweight to be handled by any able individual to single-handedly evacuate victims and helpless to the safety areas.

Consider the fact that during an incident, anyone can become disabled hence the need to be navigated through the stairs to the safety areas from residential apartments, hospital buildings, commercial offices, school buildings or any other high rise building. There are two types of emergency chairs to choose from, lightweight which starts from 350lbs and 500lbs, perfect for evacuation chair in an emergency.

These chairs are designed to ride safely down through the stairs during emergency incidents at schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and when a hurricane strikes again. It is equipped with rubber belt threads to allow for effortlessly ride victims. The friction system in emergency chairs allows for a steady ride of the helpless during an incident. They have safety belts that are used to tighten the victim on the high back for those victims who have lost conscious to be held in place during the emergency riding.


Features of an emergency chair

  • Should evacuate both upstairs and downstairs because there might be situations that need to evacuate victims downstairs and those that need evacuation upstairs
  • Safety harness should hold the victims in place especially the unconscious to avoid further fatalities
  • Should have removable side hands for easy riding
  • Should be weatherproof because emergency chairs must be placed in an open space for easy access during emergencies
  • Should be sturdy for steady riding
  • Should be foldable to allow mounting on any wall to take the least space possible
  • Should be easy to use and require little to no training before use
  • Should allow multiple people to ride, in case of heavyweight victims, rescuers can share the riding responsibility during the evacuation.

Reasons you should have emergency chairs in buildings

  • Reduces exposure: having Modsel emergency chairs in a building reduces exposure to dangers during emergencies by providing quick means to evacuate victims from the danger zones to the safety areas for first aid and medications.
  • Navigate impaired individuals: they can be unfolded easily for use to assist impaired victims with ease. They are designed to be used by anyone available with little to no training.
  • Transport to safety: they are designed to transport people and victims to safety with minimum efforts. They have wheels that can ride on virtually any surface.
  • Emergency rescue plan: in every building, plans have to be put in place for emergencies. These plans must gather for people with disabilities, infants, injured, visually impaired and more. Emergencies are unpredictable, and we should be prepared for them when they arise.




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