Benefits of Automatic Breast Pumps

The purest and best natural milk is what all moms want to provide for their babies. Unfortunately, issues such as a mom’s busy schedule or improper latching on by a baby, or inverted nipples often prevent moms to provide breast milk.

Happily, a great solution to all the mentioned issues is quickly resolved by automatic breast pumps. Automatic breast pumps are essential tools to have on hand to meet all the breastfeeding challenges of new mothers.

Automatic breast pumps offer the best alternative feeding that allows babies to enjoy nature’s finest milk even when their moms are away.


A new mother opting for automatic breast pumps stand to gain multiple benefits, to include:

Highly recommended by lactation consultants and hospitals

The efficient way of drawing out of milk and the ease of use are the top things that make hospitals and lactation consultants highly recommend automatic breast pumps. The fast and hands-free quick and fast milk extraction makes automatic breast pumps the ultimate milk-extracting equipment for new moms.


Allows new moms to set the number of pumps and suction strength

Automatic breast pumps are available in either single or double pumps. Opting for the double pumps allows mothers to set the number of pumps and suction strength on each breast. Going this route quickly and conveniently provide moms with a milk supply that can be stockpiled in the freezer for later feeding.


The choice between a battery and electric-powered breast pump

Automatic breast pumps are available as a battery or electric-powered models. The battery-powered breast pumps offer the convenience of mobility. This means that a mom that is always on the go will find the battery-powered breast pump a more convenient contraption. However, the battery running out of power is the downside of battery-powered breast pumps.

The electric breast pumps, on the other hand, plugged directly to a power source guarantees breast pumping without the inconvenience of batteries running out. However, the electric-powered breast pumps are not mobile as it needs a power source to get it going.


Latest technology

Pumping milk from a breast can be a painful experience for moms. Some electric breast pumps can also be noisy. An engorged breast will always be painful to touch and more so when milk is extracted from it. However, practice and adapting to breast pumping can eventually make the pain bearable.

The hands-free milk extraction is perhaps the topmost quality provided by automatic breast pumps. This convenience allows moms to multitask and save time while the extraction of the milk is going on.


Portable and adjustable sucking features

The latest automatic breast pump models are portable with adjustable sucking features. Portability allows moms to move around and pump when needed. The adjustable sucking features allow mothers to control the pull and sucking on the nipples. The adjustable breast shields that are included in the kit of these types of automatic breast pumps allow women to adjust their use based on their breast size.


Breast pumps offer the best alternative when it comes to convenient breastfeeding. Babies stay nourished with all the important nutrients in breast milk even when moms are not physically around. Going back to work earlier than expected is achieved by moms using breast pumps. Contact us at ___________to know more about the different models available with automatic breast pumps.


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