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Tratto da https://www.my-personaltrainer.it/Blog

Tratto da https://www.my-personaltrainer.it/Blog

Foot work

Walking, running, climbing. Your feet will be put to the test.

Heart rate

The fastest way to reach results is to monitor the progress you make.

Weight lifting

By slowly raising the weight bar, we are able to built muscles safely.

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Strength & stamina

On the walls of our Box are written in large letters the ten physical skills of CrossFit, or those who train with the WOD. Among these the first two, Endurance and Stamina, are often a source of confusion and misunderstandings for which, in this post, we will try to do some ‘order between these two components of Fitness.

Leave the Ego at the Door

CrossFit has the ability to teach humility to even the most self-centered people. 
Enter the Box with the will to improve yourself and not to compare yourself with others: you can never know who you are dealing with.

Work Hard

You do not get results without hard work so always give the best and do not be embarrassed if sometimes you’ll be in trouble; WODs are scalable and the only one to deal with is yourself.

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I saw the results of these tests in the magazine, they are really amazing. Next month I get married, so I have to try them for strength !! thank you for the information !!

Lizzie Crocker

For some time I have been following the various news on weight loss and on health. I have also recently heard my mother say something about this method, because her friend lost 6 kg in 15 days and normalized sugar levels! I have to try it absolutely, thank you.

Earl Velasquez

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Hospital Equipment

Make Use of Transport Stretcher in the Hospital to Home Care Planning?

Whenever you have loved ones that are confined in hospitals, you should also take into consideration the kind of care that you are going to give them after they have discharged from the hospital. Part of it is the use of transport stretcher. The number one priority is to make sure the patients feel comfortable during the transport. Many patients get readmitted to the hospital after being discharged because of failure of providing home care to them. This is the reason why hospital to home care services are offered. If you want to put your loved ones in great care after they have been discharged, you must plan this ahead as there are only quite a few days for patients to usually be confined in hospitals.

What is the Hospital to Home Care service?

It is just like it said – it is a kind of care provided to patients after they have been discharged from the hospital. This a home care service that is planned before the patient’s discharge from the hospital. Usually it involves the family, the medical staff that were overseeing the patient’s recovery in the hospital and the physicians as well. However, depending on the plan, families can also hire caregivers and let them get involved in the plan so that they will have an idea on what to do when they start the home care service, especially with what medical equipment can be used. The specialists are the best advise on this area.

Common responsibilities of the caregiver

Below is a list of responsibilities that the caregiver is expected to do when it comes to handling the patient when they return home.

  • Personal care such as eating, bathing, toileting, dressing
  • Healthcare such as management of medication, physical therapy, appointments with the physician, injections, wound treatment, medical techniques and equipment
  • Household care such as shopping, laundry, cleaning and cooking
  • Emotional care such as conversation, meaningful activities and companionship

Depending on the situation with the family and the patient, the home care plan may take place at the family’s home if that is what was laid out in the plan. Sometimes, it would be done at a nursing home, a common choice among families when it comes to taking care of the elderly. The reason why this is common among the elderly is because the family related to the patient do not have the time and even the proper expertise to take care of the patient. It would be better that they are taken care of in a nursing facility as they will surely be monitored all the time. The family won’t be making a lot of mistakes when it comes to letting the professionals take care of it. But there are also situations wherein the family can let one of them take care of their loved one, given that they have the time to do so.

Even if the family will not be entirely involved in taking care of their loved one, the family is required to be involved in the planning phase. This is to let them know what will take place during the home care service and also they get updated regarding the status of their loved one.  At the end of the day, always ensure that your loved one is being transported with the use of a transport stretcher that is sturdy and comfortable for safety purposes.


Perth is a city with approximately two million people in its metropolitan area and is the capital of Western Australia. Perth is a very isolated city with the Indian Ocean on one side and the outback on the other. With activities like snorkelling, hiking, festivals, and more offered each year Perth is an extremely active city. Statistically speaking, 60-80% of a given population will have back pain in their lifetime. In Perth that means 1,200,000 to 1,600,000 people. Whether chronic or by injury of some kind back and joint pain can be pervasive and even with surgery sometimes pain can become chronic. People often seek alternatives to traditional medicine in the hope some other form of treatment will help. With a population as large as that of Perth’s there are hundreds of chiropractors operating within city limits.

Chiropractors: The Job

Chiropractors are in a field distinct from traditional medicine. The first school of chiropractic medicine was developed in the late 19th century. Until the 1960s there were no formally recognised established credentials for chiropractors. They were commonly arrested and jailed for ‘practicing without a license.’ Such was the discord between traditional medical doctors and the field of chiropractic treatment. Today chiropractic medicine and traditional medicine work together much more fluidly, and interdisciplinary teams are becoming much more common in the treatment of patients complaining of chronic or sudden onset joint pain. They are considered a field of alternative medicine and focus on treating skeletal issues; mostly related to the spine. Chiropractors do not typically hold medical degrees but do get extensive training in their field. They primarily focus on physical manipulation to align the spine and other joints properly. The theory here being that if the spine is aligned properly as well as other skeletal structures, damaged tissues will be better prepared to heal themselves.

Chiropractors in Perth

Below is a curated list of chiropractors operating in Perth and registered with the Australian Chiropractors Association. This is by no means an exhaustive list but a starting point.

  • City Chiropractic
  • Up! Chiropractic
  • Hay St Chiropractic
  • Reflex Chiropractic
  • Capacity Health
  • Edwards Spine and Support
  • Nervana Chiropractic Yokine
  • Shenton Park Family Chiropractic
  • Chelsea Chiropractic and Wellness
  • Adams Family Chiropractic

Chiropractic Therapy: Last Things to Know

Chiropractic therapy today is an established and respected field of alternative medicine. Thousands of Australians seek chiropractic care at least once in their lifetime. Chiropractic therapy, while seen as a legitimate form of alternative medicine, is not typically covered by your insurance under regular primary care providers, some insurance agencies cover treatments under specialist fees but consulting your insurance agent is advisable.

Do Plant Based Protein Powders Build Lean Muscle

Whey protein is the number one protein which can help build lean mass. However, most people assume that it’s a much superior protein than any plant based protein powder. When used properly and in conjunction with the right diet and exercise, vegan powders work just as well. Take for example rice protein which has all the essential amino acids. Though it doesn’t have as many proteins as whey powder but when taken in right quantities can deliver just as well as whey protein.

Recent studies have been carried out to show the difference between building muscle mass when two groups of individuals took whey and rice proteins respectively. After eight weeks it was observed that both groups gained the same amount of muscle mass. Thereby it obvious that plant based proteins are by no means any less than animal based proteins.

It is important to consume proteins throughout the day. Protein powders are no longer used by athletes only. In fact individuals who want to fulfil their nutritional needs can benefit from plant based protein powders as well. When taken in the morning, proteins can help improve the cardiac rhythm and also help lower cholesterol.

The major reason why most people prefer using plant proteins could either be due to the fact that they are lactose intolerant or could be sensitive to ingredients in dairy protein powders.

Keep in mind that when choosing vegan protein powders, you need to make sure they are completely organic. Watch out for ingredients which could cause problems with the digestive tract. Good vegan powders might be slightly expensive than the usual variety but they are worth it. Not only do these work for people with gluten or lactose allergies but is one way to improve the intake of proteins in vegetarians as well.


Avoid protein powders which might consist of the following ingredients

  • Sweeteners are often added to low quality vegan protein powders to improve its taste
  • Similarly artificial colours and flavours are added as well to disguise the after taste and make it more palatable
  • It might contain non organic ingredients. These are usually sprayed with pesticides and could be potentially harmful to the system.

The right protein powders are infused with added vitamins and ingredients which can help fortify its potency. However despite the good quality of a protein powder there are still some ingredients which could cause havoc with the digestive system. It’s better t know ay substances to which you could be allergic and avoid plant protein powders which might consist of any of those ingredients. The key to choosing the best protein powders is to be aware of what works and doesn’t work for you.

When choosing pant abed protein powders don’t just rely on powders which are made up of just one plant source. Taking pea powder alone or hemp protein only might not be sufficient. The best thing you could do is use these powders in a blended form or rather purchase a protein powder which is a blend of different plant proteins to get the maximum benefits.

Laser Hair Removal

Information and facts

Are you considering going for laser hair removal services in Sydney? You must be wondering what could work for you. Whether it’s actually something which is feasible for not? What’s involved in the procedure? All the information and facts about laser hair removal Sydney.

  • Laser hair removal is an option for people who are tired of threading, shaving and waxing. It is one of the most common procedures in Sydney.
  • Highly concentrated light is beamed onto areas on the skin. The skin absorbs the light and which in turn causes the hair to burn and fall off.
  • Lasers can be used to remove hair from the face, under arms and the bikini line. It can even remove hair from other parts of the body with equal ease.
  • One of the major benefits of laser hair removal in Sydney is precision. It can target hair which is dark and coarse and leave the surrounding area unharmed.
  • It is a fast and effective treatment, which can treat a number of hair at the same time. Each pulse of light is delivered for a fraction of a second only. Getting hair from the upper lip removed can take less than a minute. While larger areas on the body like the arms and the legs can take up to an hour or so.

Preparing for laser hair removal

Removing hair with a laser is a complete medical procedure. It requires a bit of preparation on your part as well. When you decide to go for laser hair removal make sure you check the technician’s credentials. You need to get it done from someone reliable and licensed.

When going for a procedure you would need to avoid plucking, waxing or any other hair removal procedures for at least six weeks. Since the laser removes the roots of the air, plucking or waxing can temporarily remove the roots of the hair.

Also it is advised to avoid exposure to the sun six weeks before and after the treatment. Sun exposure can render the treatment ineffective.

What happens during the hair removal treatment?

For the treatment the hair which is to be removed is trimmed to a size of 1mm. The laser equipment is then adjusted according to the type of hair you have or the colour of your skin. You and your technician both would be wearing protective eye gear. The outer layer of the skin would be protected by the help of a cooling gel or a special cooling device.

The area which is to be treated is given a pulse of light. The technician would keep caging the pulses in order to zap different areas of the hair. Hey would also be checking for any bad reactions. Once the procedure is completed you would be given ice packs or cooling creams to put on the area which has been treated.

The first two days your skin would look slightly sun burned but it would soon resolve.

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