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Tratto da https://www.my-personaltrainer.it/Blog

Tratto da https://www.my-personaltrainer.it/Blog

Foot work

Walking, running, climbing. Your feet will be put to the test.

Heart rate

The fastest way to reach results is to monitor the progress you make.

Weight lifting

By slowly raising the weight bar, we are able to built muscles safely.

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Strength & stamina

On the walls of our Box are written in large letters the ten physical skills of CrossFit, or those who train with the WOD. Among these the first two, Endurance and Stamina, are often a source of confusion and misunderstandings for which, in this post, we will try to do some ‘order between these two components of Fitness.

Leave the Ego at the Door

CrossFit has the ability to teach humility to even the most self-centered people. 
Enter the Box with the will to improve yourself and not to compare yourself with others: you can never know who you are dealing with.

Work Hard

You do not get results without hard work so always give the best and do not be embarrassed if sometimes you’ll be in trouble; WODs are scalable and the only one to deal with is yourself.

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I saw the results of these tests in the magazine, they are really amazing. Next month I get married, so I have to try them for strength !! thank you for the information !!

Lizzie Crocker

For some time I have been following the various news on weight loss and on health. I have also recently heard my mother say something about this method, because her friend lost 6 kg in 15 days and normalized sugar levels! I have to try it absolutely, thank you.

Earl Velasquez

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Benefits of Automatic Breast Pumps

The purest and best natural milk is what all moms want to provide for their babies. Unfortunately, issues such as a mom’s busy schedule or improper latching on by a baby, or inverted nipples often prevent moms to provide breast milk.

Happily, a great solution to all the mentioned issues is quickly resolved by automatic breast pumps. Automatic breast pumps are essential tools to have on hand to meet all the breastfeeding challenges of new mothers.

Automatic breast pumps offer the best alternative feeding that allows babies to enjoy nature’s finest milk even when their moms are away.


A new mother opting for automatic breast pumps stand to gain multiple benefits, to include:

Highly recommended by lactation consultants and hospitals

The efficient way of drawing out of milk and the ease of use are the top things that make hospitals and lactation consultants highly recommend automatic breast pumps. The fast and hands-free quick and fast milk extraction makes automatic breast pumps the ultimate milk-extracting equipment for new moms.


Allows new moms to set the number of pumps and suction strength

Automatic breast pumps are available in either single or double pumps. Opting for the double pumps allows mothers to set the number of pumps and suction strength on each breast. Going this route quickly and conveniently provide moms with a milk supply that can be stockpiled in the freezer for later feeding.


The choice between a battery and electric-powered breast pump

Automatic breast pumps are available as a battery or electric-powered models. The battery-powered breast pumps offer the convenience of mobility. This means that a mom that is always on the go will find the battery-powered breast pump a more convenient contraption. However, the battery running out of power is the downside of battery-powered breast pumps.

The electric breast pumps, on the other hand, plugged directly to a power source guarantees breast pumping without the inconvenience of batteries running out. However, the electric-powered breast pumps are not mobile as it needs a power source to get it going.


Latest technology

Pumping milk from a breast can be a painful experience for moms. Some electric breast pumps can also be noisy. An engorged breast will always be painful to touch and more so when milk is extracted from it. However, practice and adapting to breast pumping can eventually make the pain bearable.

The hands-free milk extraction is perhaps the topmost quality provided by automatic breast pumps. This convenience allows moms to multitask and save time while the extraction of the milk is going on.


Portable and adjustable sucking features

The latest automatic breast pump models are portable with adjustable sucking features. Portability allows moms to move around and pump when needed. The adjustable sucking features allow mothers to control the pull and sucking on the nipples. The adjustable breast shields that are included in the kit of these types of automatic breast pumps allow women to adjust their use based on their breast size.


Breast pumps offer the best alternative when it comes to convenient breastfeeding. Babies stay nourished with all the important nutrients in breast milk even when moms are not physically around. Going back to work earlier than expected is achieved by moms using breast pumps. Contact us at ___________to know more about the different models available with automatic breast pumps.


varied ways chiropractic Toowoomba can help relieve pain

A pain that has just started or has been then for months and years need to be corrected before it gets worse. In Toowoomba, the right time to act is now when it comes to acute and chronic pain.

Something is not right with your body when there’s pain. You need to listen to your body whether the pain is something you can live with. Don’t wait for the pain to become very severe as to seek an appointment with reputable chiropractic Toowoomba.

Neck and back pain are caused by a variety of reasons. Notwithstanding the underlying cause, the various aspects of your life can be affected by pain. Once fun hobbies no longer look enjoyable or sleep is always interrupted because of pain. Pain can also affect the way you work leading to depression and anxiety.

A problem in a part of the body can manifest signs of pain in another part. The cause of the pain has to be thoroughly examined by a chiropractor to determine the root problem.

There are varied approaches to chiropractic. Whatever chiropractic techniques a chiropractor uses, the ultimate goal is to relieve the pain experienced by patients. This means that the condition determines the use of either a single or several techniques to provide patients to reap the best benefits every single time.


Case history and x-rays

Just like a doctor’s visit, consulting with a chiropractor also needs patient information and case history background. Analysis of the spine proceeds after completion of paperwork. An x-ray is sometimes recommended by the chiropractor.


Checking out the spinal movement

The patient will be asked by the chiropractor to bend and turn. Checking the leg is also done to determine the cause of the imbalance in the pelvis and lower spine. An out-of-joint spinal bone is seen by a chiropractor as similar to a sticky hinge on a gate.

The movement of the joint can be improved with a chiropractor using a manual thrust specifically targeting the problem area. The thorough understanding, practice, and experience of the chiropractor provide the right angle and depth, speed, and direction to deliver the proper thrust.

A tiny “popping” sound can be produced by the energetic thrust of the chiropractor’s hand to the problem area. The sound is produced by the shift of fluids and gas in the affected joint.


Adjusting equipment and tools

Similar to lasers for surgeons, chiropractic adjustment equipment and tools have become advanced as well. Some high-tech equipment used in chiropractic practices is a chiropractic adjustment tool that is computer-aided. The presence of a micro-computer in the device provides a controlled force that can help in treating all areas of the body. A built-in sensor to the device also records the response of the patient to the chiropractic adjustment.


Chiropractic drop table

The drop table is specifically designed for chiropractic treatment sessions. The parts of the table are movable and can be dropped down and lifted as the need arises. This helps patients to maintain a neutral and relaxed position while undergoing treatment. The outstanding mechanisms of the drop table allow the patient to feel comfortable while being treated.


A chiropractor is a medical professional that is specially educated and trained to diagnose and treat almost all ailments associated with pain. Pain is only a symptom and not the cause. A good chiropractor determines the root cause of the pain for him to apply the proper treatment. Chiropractors can help relieve pain.


Mistakes in hiring tattoo artists in Gold Coast

Have you ever visited a tattoo artist in Gold Coast? Did you love the services that you were offered or did you regret having vested the tattoo artist?  In case you are planning to visit a tattoo artist, you must take your time so that you can get the best tattoo artist. With the high number of tattoo artists in this place, there is a great need for you to be even extra keen when you are selecting the tattoo artist to draw you the tattoo that you need.  The tattoo artist that you will choose will determine the type of tattoo that you will be drawn. This is why you need to avoid the following mistakes when you are selecting your tattoo artist in Gold Coast:

1. Failing to check on the professional documents of the artist.

Most people think that drawing tattoos is one of the skills that one can learn from looking at what other tattoo artists do. This is why most people will not ask the tattoo artist they are hiring for their professional documents that indicate their qualifications.  For this reason, most people will end up hiring a tattoo artist who has not been trained in offering the services that they offer and hence you will not be content with the services that you will get. Always make sure that you ask your potential artist about their qualification level before you hire them.

2. Hiring artists without finding out their levels of experience.

The other thing that you need to be concerned with when you are hiring your tattoo artist in Gold Coast is the level of experience of the artist. The level of expertise of the artist is determined by the number of years the artist has been offering their services. This is why you need to ask the artist about questions regarding the amount of time that they have been in the field. To hire the best tattoo artist, make sure that you have hired the artists who have worked for a longer time since they are more experienced.  An experienced tattoo artist knows how to correctly draw tattoos and also draw different tattoos at different body parts.

3. Hiring tattoo artists who charge less amount of money.

When you talk to the tattoo artists in the Gold Coast, you will come to note that these tattoo artists have different rates of charges for their clients. Some will charge more money while others ask for less money. There are so many factors that will affect the cost of the services that these auto artists offer. One of the factors that will affect the cost of services is the level of experience of the artist. You must make sure that you avoid going for the cheaper artists, especially if their level of expertise is the primary determiner of the costs.

4. Failing to read online reviews.

Before you hire a  tattoo artist, make sure that you have gone through several online reviews. Online reviews are critical since they will tell you about the kind of experience that other clients have experienced with their tattoo artists. From the online reviews, you will know whether you are hiring leading Gold Coast tattoo artists or a bad one.


Emergency Chairs

Emergency chairs are useful during the rescue and evacuation of victims and helpless individuals by riding them downstairs safely to the safety areas during fire outbreaks, earthquakes, emergency medical responses and of course, terrorist attacks. These chairs are designed uniquely for evacuation purposes for victims on a multi-story building for those who cannot walk due to panic attacks, heart attacks, disabled and the injured.

Another primary use of emergency chairs is to ride building occupants down the stairs or up the stairs when there is a gas leak, chemical explosion, mechanical explosion or any other emergency in tall buildings or during extended power outages that impairs the elevators for many hours or days or even weeks. An emergency chair keeps emergencies from becoming tragedies. Emergency chairs are designed to be lightweight to be handled by any able individual to single-handedly evacuate victims and helpless to the safety areas.

Consider the fact that during an incident, anyone can become disabled hence the need to be navigated through the stairs to the safety areas from residential apartments, hospital buildings, commercial offices, school buildings or any other high rise building. There are two types of emergency chairs to choose from, lightweight which starts from 350lbs and 500lbs, perfect for evacuation chair in an emergency.

These chairs are designed to ride safely down through the stairs during emergency incidents at schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and when a hurricane strikes again. It is equipped with rubber belt threads to allow for effortlessly ride victims. The friction system in emergency chairs allows for a steady ride of the helpless during an incident. They have safety belts that are used to tighten the victim on the high back for those victims who have lost conscious to be held in place during the emergency riding.


Features of an emergency chair

  • Should evacuate both upstairs and downstairs because there might be situations that need to evacuate victims downstairs and those that need evacuation upstairs
  • Safety harness should hold the victims in place especially the unconscious to avoid further fatalities
  • Should have removable side hands for easy riding
  • Should be weatherproof because emergency chairs must be placed in an open space for easy access during emergencies
  • Should be sturdy for steady riding
  • Should be foldable to allow mounting on any wall to take the least space possible
  • Should be easy to use and require little to no training before use
  • Should allow multiple people to ride, in case of heavyweight victims, rescuers can share the riding responsibility during the evacuation.

Reasons you should have emergency chairs in buildings

  • Reduces exposure: having Modsel emergency chairs in a building reduces exposure to dangers during emergencies by providing quick means to evacuate victims from the danger zones to the safety areas for first aid and medications.
  • Navigate impaired individuals: they can be unfolded easily for use to assist impaired victims with ease. They are designed to be used by anyone available with little to no training.
  • Transport to safety: they are designed to transport people and victims to safety with minimum efforts. They have wheels that can ride on virtually any surface.
  • Emergency rescue plan: in every building, plans have to be put in place for emergencies. These plans must gather for people with disabilities, infants, injured, visually impaired and more. Emergencies are unpredictable, and we should be prepared for them when they arise.




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