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Tratto da https://www.my-personaltrainer.it/Blog

Tratto da https://www.my-personaltrainer.it/Blog

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Walking, running, climbing. Your feet will be put to the test.

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The fastest way to reach results is to monitor the progress you make.

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By slowly raising the weight bar, we are able to built muscles safely.

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Strength & stamina

On the walls of our Box are written in large letters the ten physical skills of CrossFit, or those who train with the WOD. Among these the first two, Endurance and Stamina, are often a source of confusion and misunderstandings for which, in this post, we will try to do some ‘order between these two components of Fitness.

Leave the Ego at the Door

CrossFit has the ability to teach humility to even the most self-centered people. 
Enter the Box with the will to improve yourself and not to compare yourself with others: you can never know who you are dealing with.

Work Hard

You do not get results without hard work so always give the best and do not be embarrassed if sometimes you’ll be in trouble; WODs are scalable and the only one to deal with is yourself.

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I saw the results of these tests in the magazine, they are really amazing. Next month I get married, so I have to try them for strength !! thank you for the information !!

Lizzie Crocker

For some time I have been following the various news on weight loss and on health. I have also recently heard my mother say something about this method, because her friend lost 6 kg in 15 days and normalized sugar levels! I have to try it absolutely, thank you.

Earl Velasquez

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What You Would Learn At a First Aid Course in Melbourne

While you may know the importance of learning a first aid course, do you have some basic idea of what you might learn from it? If you are planning to go for a first aid course in Melbourne, you would learn all of the following.

It allows you to learn heroic stuff like saving lives in a critical situation. While not all emergencies are life threatening, first aid course teaches you a great deal more than just being a life saver. It teaches you kindness, empathy and compassion and a great many other things. Read on to see what you would learn from a first aid course.

Responding in a timely manner to any sort of emergency

Learning to respond to an emergency is crucial. Keeping your cool when everyone else is in a critical situation can help ward off many problems. Sometimes saving a person is not only enough but providing timely intervention to lessen their medical problems is just as important. Sometimes all you have is a few seconds until someone has their heart stop beating or the oxygen being supplied to their brain.

You would learn to time the emergency, be on the lookout for alarming situations and also being able to safe guard yourself so that you can help others if and when the need arises.

The check, call and care strategy, also known as the three C’s is the basic of all first aid care.

Learn to give CPR

While most of us have seen CPR being administered on television, but not any of us know the proper method of doing so. At a first aid camp, you would learn to administer CPR properly. How many compression should be given during each interval? How deep the compressions should be and so on. For someone who is undergoing a cardiac arrest, there is a different method of administering CPR. Having the correct knowledge is crucial if you actually want to help people.

Caring for wounds

Caring for intense burns or being able to pull a deeply embedded nail is also part of a first aid course. Wounds either big or small need to be treated in the proper manner. The technique to bandage the wounds and care for burns is something which you would learn from a first aid course.

Handling choking emergencies

It doesn’t matter how old someone is, whether a few months old, teens or even the elderly, anyone can choke. Food gets lodged into the throat and can cause just about anyone to choke on it. In the first aid course you would learn how to handle any such emergency be it for an adult or a child. The assistance necessary to allow them to breathe easier and so on. You would also learn to recognize other sort of breathing emergencies.

What do if someone gets poisoned?

Poisons can be deadly. Having an antidote for all poisons is not possible but at a first aid you would learn to know the antidotes for a few common kind of poisons.



If you are not familiar with any first aid steps, check out emergency.com.au for their number so that you can get in touch with them during emergencies.


Getting the Mental Health Healing You Deserve

When it comes to health, it is important that you do all that you can to make sure that you stay healthy. This is especially true when it concerns your mental health. You deserve to know that others are also taking your mental health seriously, and are there to help you in every way possible. Though this may look different for each unique person, there are several opportunities in the Gold Coast to get the help that you are specifically looking to find.


The Different Types of Services

It is essential that you find somewhere that can offer you a variety of services so that you can find the one that best fits your needs. The following are a few services that you might want to look for that can help you narrow done the best facilities to aid you in your mental health.

  • Acute Care- Here, you will find inpatient beds and a team that is there at any time of the day or night.
  • Continuing Care- This is excellent for those that are looking for someone to stay for an extended period of time and also need a solid support group.
  • Child and Youth- Whether for an infant or teenager, this option caters to children of all ages, while also teaching and educating them through their growth.
  • Perinatal Mental Health- An excellent option for those lovely expectant mothers.
  • Independent Patient Rights Advisors- This option is simply there to give advice to those that have a mental illness and are trying to find the right treatment.
  • Older Persons Mental Health- This one offers a variety of care options for an elderly person that either need extended or brief mental health care.

All of these services have the same primary focus: you. There is no need to worry about falling through the cracks and being forgotten. Each care offered is programmed to bring about healing and health for all customers. You will find that getting the right mental health help is key to a great recovery!


The Many Different Options

The more extensive amount of choices that you have to choose from, the better help and healing you will get. The above-mentioned list gives you an idea of what kind of services are out there for you to pick from. Each specific service will be tailor-made to fit all of your mental needs, the first step is to reach out to someone that you trust.


In order to have a better idea of what kind of help you may need, it is important that you open up to a doctor or trusted professional about your concerns and expectations. They will then be able to point you in the direction that you need to go. Having their insight will save you time and get you seeing someone right away!


The Help You Need and Deserve

In the end, the most important thing for you to do is get the help that you deserve. You have a variety of places and people who are willing to give you the kind of service that you need. There is no reason that you should have to worry about anything, especially when it comes to your health or your loved one’s health. The time to get the help and growth that you have been searching for is finally here. Mental health services are always an option for everyone.

Doctors Rockhampton- The process of finding a good doctor

People normally find doctors with the help of references. In majority of the cases these references are provided by family members or close friends. In order to find the right specialist the following steps would definitely help.

  • The first thing which you should do is to know what kind of doctor you are looking for. There are different specialists who are known to treat the same kind of symptoms. Something as simple as back pain can be treated by a general physician as well as an orthopedist, a neurosurgeon and a rheumatologist. The doctor that you would choose should depend on the severity of your condition. If you aren’t too sure about what condition you could be suffering from, it’s advisable to see a general physician first and let them suggest a specialist when and if the need arises.
  • You can also try by compiling a list of all the doctors in Rockhampton specific to your area. You can generate a list based on the online research. Plus you can also check up on the doctors whose reference you have gotten from the people within our circle.
  • Once you have a list make sure o narrow down the search based on the hospital they are affiliated with, along with things like their specialty, their educational background, experience and gender.
  • Get to know what kind of insurance do they accept. Plus also make sure to check whether they are accepting new patients or not.
  • Don’t forget to run an online background check. It’s important to check that the doctor is registered with the affiliated programs and they have a license for carrying out their practice.
  • Some doctors can be goggled as well especially if they have some kind of social media presence.
  • Once you have narrowed down someone you would prefer to go to, make an appointment. While making an appointment check out the admin and the staff hired by them. You should see whether the people at the reception are courteous and helpful.
  • The facilities at the clinic should be observed as well. If the place clean and tidy. Do they look organized?
  • Once you have planned a visit make sure you have all the necessary reports and documents pertaining to your condition. If you are already suffering from a medical condition make sure you bring all the previous record enclosed in a file so that your case would be understood much better. Also feel free to ask any questions which come to your mid.
  • It’s important to go with your gut feeling as well. If you think that you are not finding something right regarding the treatment they are suggesting, it’s always better to get a second opinion.
  • If you are happy with the services of a doctor it’s always good to leave a review from which others can benefit as well.

If you are looking for doctors in Rockhampton, make sure to keep the above mentioned tips in mind.

Sciatica Treatment

There are notable changes in our bodily functions as we age. One cannot say no to the possibilities of dementia or mild to severe forgetfulness. Wrinkling of the skin reminds us that we are not getting any younger and the sudden change of appetite or eating patterns are indications that our metabolism has slowed down to a greater extent, making us choosy or meticulous about the food that we eat..

The above-mentioned scenarios may seem manageable but there is one thing that aged individuals fear the most, and that is the deterioration of the bone’s strength. When this happens, recurring pain can be present on any essential parts of the body like the muscles in the arms, legs, lower back and especially on the pelvic bones that connect the hips down to the knees and the toes.

Before going any further, another concrete example of a bone loss that can be associated with sciatica is osteoporosis. The said condition takes place when the body loses too much bone, makes too little bone or both. Osteoporosis literally means “porous bone.” When it is viewed under a microscope, healthy bones appear like a honeycomb. When osteoporosis occurs, the holes and spaces in the honeycomb are much larger than in a healthy bone. With this description, we have reason to believe that ordinary pain in the lower back may well be associated with losing bone strength and the degeneration of the same could be referred to as sciatica.

Sciatica as distinguished from osteoporosis

Sciatica is a pain affecting the back, hip and outer side of the leg, caused by compression of the spinal nerve root in the lower back, often owing to the degeneration of intervertebral disk. Ensure you seek professional sciatica treatment to get full details on the cause.

Intervertebral disk defined and explained

The intervertebral disk is a significant part of the bone that acts or functions as shock absorbers between each vertebra in the spinal column. The annulus acts as a thick outer layer that surrounds the soft gel-like centre or nucleus that protects it from a sudden shock or impact.

What causes sciatica?

Sciatica is primarily caused by irritation of the roots of the lower lumbar and the lumbosacral spine. Additional factors include lumbar spinal stenosis or narrowing of the spinal canal in the lower back. It’s also called as degenerative disc disease or breakdown of disks due to shock or impact on cushions between the vertebrae.

Why does sciatica occur?

The main culprit of sciatica is a herniated disk. It happens or occurs when a disk is pushed out of place or misaligned due to shock or impact. When not treated right away, the condition could cause an infection that will probably aggravate the situation.

Treatment and medication

  • Physical therapy – in cases of mild to moderate conditions, sciatica can be treated with a soft or hard massage on the affected parts of the muscles. Pressing slightly on the vital points can give comfort to the patient.
  • Rehabilitation – the health and wellness program designed to restore someone to health or normal life through training and therapy after an accident or an illness.
  • Chiropractic – an alternative medical intervention without the need for oral medication. This is administered or managed by spine doctors who specialise in taking care of the spine down to the nervous system in order to prevent the onset of some degenerative illness or diseases.
  • Oral medication – this includes over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen, aspirin, ketoprofen, or naproxen. Secondary medicines include antidepressants for chronic lower back pain and prescription muscle relaxants to ease muscle spasms.

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